About Us


IdealofMed team

Combining the best of Northern European medicine and attention to detail, with Turkish hospitality is what defines us. We’ve been helping people become theirĀ ideal me for over 35 years.

Besides hair transplants, we also help patients travelling to Turkey with dental and other cosmetic procedures.

What makes getting a hair transplant at IdealofMed different is this:

  1. We use a 4-person surgical team on our transplants, allowing for more grafts in less time;
  2. We use advanced techniques in our standard packages, usually only available at extra cost in Turkey, like the Sapphire FUE method and hyperbaric chamber treatments;
  3. We have our own line of vitamins and hair care products to ensure the optimal pre- and pos treatment;
  4. We include a day of rest in our standard packages so that you don’t have to stress;

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