DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

A DHI hair transplant is a modification of the FUE technique. DHI stands for direct hair implantation, and it’s an innovative way for people who suffer from hair loss to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey.

With the use of an implanter pen, surgeons can provide precise and accurate transplants. Best of all, each follicle is on the outside of the scalp for just a short period, enhancing every follicle’s survival rate.

Here at IdealofMeD, we’re dedicated to providing you with a DHI hair transplant in Turkey that gives you the results you want, at a price you can afford.

When it comes to cost-effective hair transplant solutions, we’ve got you covered. We only used the most skilled surgeons who can complete even the most intricate DHI procedures.

The benefits of this procedure include:

  •         Regain hair in a natural way
  •         Short recovery time

·         Save on the cost of DHI hair transplant and enjoy a trip to Turkey

Save On DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey

A DHI hair transplant is a modified version of the FUE Sapphire treatment, following a similar procedure.

The difference is that follicles are removed from an area of the scalp where there is healthy hair growth and are then inserted into the Ideal Choi Planter, which is used to insert the follicles between existing units to eventually grow new hairs and give you a fuller head of hair.

When you book your DHI hair transplant with us, here’s what you can expect:

  •         Hair follicles are removed from the donor area. This is done under local anaesthesia.
  •         The Ideal Choi Planter is used to transplant follicles to sparser areas of the scalp.
  •         A DHI hair transplant in Turkey is a safe procedure, giving you a natural hairline.
  •         The procedure takes 1 – 3 days to complete.
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Ideal Combination Surgery

IdealofMeD is one of the few hair transplant clinics in Turkey that offers a combination of DHI and FUE Sapphire surgeries. Both are world-class techniques.

If you’re someone with low-density hair or no hair in certain areas, Ideal combination surgery will suit you. We aim to avoid short-term solutions and send you home with a healthier head of hair that won’t require additional treatments.

It’s the best of both worlds.

    1.   What Is A DHI hair transplant?

    It’s a transplantation method where follicles of hair are removed from the donor part of your body one by one using the Ideal Choi Planter. The follicles are then placed on balding areas of the head. A DHI hair transplant in Turkey:

    •         Takes place at an accredited clinic
    •         Is performed under local anaesthesia
    1.   How long does a DHI hair transplant take?

    The transplant will take around 5 to 6 hours and involves several steps, but it depends on the number of grafts needed. The extraction of hair grafts takes the longest, but a DHI procedure is a day surgery.

    1.   How much does a DHI hair transplant in Turkey cost?

    While it depends on your requirements, you can save as much as 75% on a hair transplant in Turkey – and that includes accommodation, transfers and breakfasts.

    1.   Is DHI hair transplant painful?

    It’s a painless procedure. You will have scabs for about 10 days after the procedure. There won’t be any noticeable scars.

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