FUE Hair Transplant

What Is A FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant?

If you suffer from baldness, the FUE Sapphire hair transplant is the ideal procedure for you. During the procedure, micro incisions are created with a Sapphire Blade to place follicles in.

With this method, you (or anyone else) won’t notice any scarring.

What’s The Difference Between FUE Hair Transplant and FUE Sapphire?

So, what happens during an FUE hair transplant procedure? Let’s take a look:

  •         Local anaesthesia is applied to the relevant areas using needle-free instruments.
  •         The micro incisions begin. This is the most important stage of an FUE Sapphire hair transplant. These incisions can take up to an hour to plan and execute.
  •         Hair for transplantation is extracted from the donor area. With the FUE Sapphire method, the outcome is more natural and allows a higher number of grafts.
  •         After the extraction process, sapphire blades are used to open the channels at the desired angle and direction.
  •         Now, the implantation process starts. Hair follicles are removed from the donor area and lodged into the micro incisions.
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Benefits Of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

An FUE hair transplant in Turkey doesn’t just save you money, but also provides access to world-class clinics and doctors in one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

If that’s not enough to get you excited about a strong and healthy head of hair, just look at the advantages of the FUE Sapphire hair transplant procedure:

  1.   Less Risk Of Post-Operation Complications

The Sapphire FUE technique lowers the risks of complications. In classic FUE transplants, steel blades become blunt and less efficient, leading to tissue damage.

Sapphire blades, though, are sharper and retain their sharpness for longer periods, reducing the risk of damaged tissue and minimising scabbing.

  1.   Greater Density

This hair transplant method enables surgeons to create more micro-channels, allowing for the transplanted follicles to be placed closer together. That means thicker, healthier hair.

  1.   Natural Results

Sapphire FUE allows surgeons to create precise micro-channels to transplant follicles at natural angles. This results in a seamless look and your new hair will grow in a far more natural-looking way.

  1.   Suitable for Patients with Metal Sensitivities

Sapphire blades are suitable for use on patients who are allergic to nickel and steel.

  1.   Retaining Follicles

A sapphire blade is smaller and more precise than the regular FUE steel blade, which means surgeons can create compact incisions at the length of the follicles being transplanted.


The Sapphire FUE technique uses a Sapphire blade made from precious gemstones. These blades are smooth, sharp and durable, allowing for precision, high-quality hair loss treatment and denser hair growth.

Besides the benefits of the treatment, having it done in Turkey means you get world-class service from the best surgeons at more than half the price you’d spend at home. And you get to recover in a dream destination.

Sapphire FUE hair transplant blades are made out of sapphire and enable smaller, more precise incisions, less scarring and a lot less post-op pain, all resulting in a more natural look.

It depends on your requirements. At IdealofMeD we offer combination surgery to minimise repeat treatments and ensure you receive the best hair loss treatments possible.

Since an FUE hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia, you won’t feel anything during the procedure. You may feel minor needle prick pain for a day or two after the operation.

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