All you need to know about getting a hair transplant abroad
IdealofMed team

Over 650,000 people get a hair transplant each year. 

But did you know that 60% of all hair transplants are done in Turkey?

The team at IdealofMeD has been active in Turkey for over 35 years. With offices in Stockholm and Istanbul, they combine all we love about the Nordics with Turkish hospitality (and weather).

You don’t decide on getting a hair transplant in a day. But once you do, you want the best.

Here the team behind IdealofMeD explains all you need to know about getting a hair transplant in Turkey. How it’s different from getting a hair transplant at home. Why it is up to 70% cheaper. And how you can start restoring your ideal me.

Hair Transplants in Turkey: The Facts

420,000 foreigners seek a hair transplant in Turkey every year. That’s in the region of 8,000 procedures every week, or over 1,000 every day.

With these numbers, it can’t be surprising that there are hundreds of hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. 

What’s the big difference between them all?

First, there are hair transplant clinics and hospitals.

In a hospital, you have doctors, emergency care and regulations.

A clinic often has technicians and by law can only do a limited number of hair transplants a year. While a hair transplant is very safe, it is surgery.

Our first recommendation when you are looking at a hair transplant in Turkey is to always make sure the procedure is carried out in an accredited hospital.

IdealofMeD is located at Academic Hospital in Istanbul, guaranteeing 100% hospital care under the supervision of a qualified doctor; not a technician.

Hair Transplant In Turkey Price

Like we mentioned already, there is a price difference between getting a hair transplant in Turkey at a clinic or in a hospital. Then there are also different hair transplant methods. Before we dig into that, let’s first look at the differences between Turkey and the rest of the world. 

Hair Transplant Prices Compared
Country Price (USD)
Turkey $3,000
Spain $4,500
United Kingdom $11,500
Ireland $12,500
USA $20,000

All things the same, Turkey has immense economics of scale with over 60% of all hair transplants each year being performed in Turkey. Next to that, Turkey is of course a cheaper country in terms of rent and third-party costs. Last but not least is the strong position of the Euro and Dollar compared to the Turkish Lira making traveling to get a hair transplant in Turkey a lot cheaper.

What exactly is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey? As we mentioned, that also depends on the treatment. The average cost of an FUE hair transplant in Turkey starts from £1,300 ($1,700/€1,517). In the UK, the same procedure starts at around £13,000 ($17,000/€15,000). DHI hair transplants are more costly, but the benefit is that you don’t need to get your head shaved.

At IdealofMeD we offer executive all-inclusive travel packages without shaving, as well as basic packages where we mix FUE and DHI for the most natural results.

Our second tip: you get what you pay for. A hair transplant in Turkey is a lot cheaper for legitimate reasons, but hair transplant prices less than $2000 mean the provider is either cutting corners or doesn’t earn anything themselves (with the risk of them going out of business).

Hair Transplant Turkey Travel Package

Travelling for a hair transplant in Turkey is not like heading over to the local hospital. There are quite a few more things to take care of. Make sure your chosen hair transplant clinic has everything arranged and helps you before, during and after the treatment (the latter often being non-existent). 

Here’s our all-inclusive package:

Before you get to Turkey

  • 2 online consultations to help you prepare, understand the procedure, what you can do to get the best results
  • We send you a hair restoration box, with all products you need to prepare your scalp
  • You get our welcome package with your personal itinerary and an introduction of the team (including your driver and coordinator) + all the details about the hotel you are staying at

When you arrive

  • VIP transfer with one of our own Vito vans from Istanbul airport or Sabiha Gokcen
  • Blood samples
  • Minimum 3-nights (1 extra compared to most so that you get an extra washing after the hair transplant and some rest) in a 4* hotel for our standard package or 5* for our executive patients

On the day of the procedure

  • Breakfast at the hotel, included in your package
  • Transfer to the hospital
  • Shaving with our specialised barber
  • Meeting the medical team to talk you through the details
  • Our IdealofMeD combination surgery or DHI procedure
  • Transport back to your hotel

The day after your surgery

  • We pick you up from the hotel again to wash your hair and teach you how to do this yourself
  • Optional hyperbaric chamber treatment
  • We take you to the airport

When you get back home

  • We schedule several post-op consultations to make sure everything goes well
  • We can supply you with our hair vitalisation box to stimulate hair growth

When you book an all-inclusive package for your visit to the best hair transplant Turkey clinic, you can look forward to IdealofMeD taking care of all the necessary arrangements, the procedure and the all-important after-care.

Our third recommendation: when you want to book a hair transplant in Turkey, make sure you get don’t get unexpected extra costs and that aftercare is as good as their ‘sales call.’ Ask about the advantages of dermarolling, hair vitamins and a hyperbaric chamber treatment!

Hair Transplant Travel

Once you’ve decided that a hairi transplant in Turkey is the ideal solution for you, you need to do some planning.

To visit a hair transplant Turkey clinic, you must have a passport. Not every nationality needs a Visa, though. Visit the Turkish MFA website to find out if you need a Visa to travel to Turkey.

Flight times and ticket prices differ depending on where in the world you’re travelling from. 

Flights to Istanbul
From To Frequency Duration
New York Istanbul 3 direct flights a day (2 in winter) ±10 hours
London Istanbul 8 direct flights a day ±4 hours
Dublin Istanbul 2 direct flights a day ±2.5 hours
Stockholm Istanbul 3 direct flights a day ±3.5 hours
Amsterdam Istanbul 5 direct flights a day ±3.5 hours

Currency and Weather

Istanbul is a bustling Turkish city with a year-round average temperature of 23°C. The culture, history and delicious cuisine, along with affordable hair transplant procedures make this an ideal destination.

All major credit cards are accepted, including American Express. The local currency is the Turkish Lira.  

Turkey COVID Precautions

Turkey was quick to put precautions in place when the very first COVID cases were discovered in the country.

If you are fully vaccinated, you won’t need to get tested before departing for Turkey. Once you arrive in the country, you’ll need to follow precautions such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

Why IdealofMeD is ideal

  •         A 4-people surgical team, allowing us to do double the number of grafts in the same time
  •         IdealofMeD combination surgery for the best results, combining DHI with FUE Sapphire
  •         Sapphire FUE for precision hair transplantations.
  •         Hyperbaric chambers speed up the healing process by up to 70%.

FAQ About Hair Transplant In Turkey

While you can get hair transplants for $1000, most accredited hospitals charge between $2000 and $3000 for an all-inclusive package.

Absolutely. As long as you follow our recommendations here.

  • Make sure you’re in a hospital not a clinic
  • Pay a fair price
  • Make sure your package covers all you need

Whether a hair transplant is right for you is something personal. Book a free consultation with us too see if a hair transplant is right for you. If it is, then Turkey is the best place to go.

There are a few reasons, including:

  • Turkey is one of the top 3 countries for hair transplant procedures in the world (with oover 60% of all procedures).
  • Well-equipped, accredited clinics.
  • A hair transplant in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper than the US, UK and Europe.

The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

IdealofMeD is one of the few Turkey hair clinic establishments that offer combined DHI and FUE Sapphire surgeries. Both are the best hair transplantation techniques, whether you have almost no hair or low-density hair.

Some patients, though, have both. This is why we choose long-term solutions like an Ideal Combined Surgery to make sure you achieve the ideal locks you’ve always wanted.