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The country of Turkey is not only known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it is also one of the most renowned places in the world for hair transplant surgery!  

Every year, thousands of medical tourists flock to Turkey to take advantage of the affordable hair transplant packages available. 

Other medical tourist destinations, such as hair transplants in Stockholm, are also very well known and offer cheaper alternatives than most domestic hair transplant countries can. But only Turkey can offer as many of the best hair transplant clinics in the world at such competitive prices.

Is a Turkey Hair Transplant any Good?

When we see low prices, it is natural to assume that we will have to compromise on something. If you do your homework, you will see there numerous clinics in Turkey that offer outstanding value for money. Turkey can boost over 95% success rate, whereas most countries are between 90 – 95%

In Turkey, healthcare here is very affordable and of high quality, and its prices are very reasonable. World-class clinics equipped with cutting-edge technology offer quality services at very reasonable prices are to be expected when having a Turkey Hair Transplant. 

Turkey hair has recently become more popular worldwide and the figures are expected to continue to increase. Many hair transplant specialists do hair transplant surgeries at prominent private hospitals with ideal settings.

Turkey Hair Transplant

Why Is Hair Transplant Surgery In Turkey So Inexpensive?

Turkish minimum wages, living costs, housing costs, rent, utilities, and management costs are among the lowest in the world. When taking the exchange rate into consideration, all of these factors keep the cost to the patient lower.

What Hair Transplant Methods Can I Get in Turkey?

The most common methods are the FUE and DHI hair transplants. Depending on your unique situation, the surgeon will advise which is the most appropriate one for you. 

There are clinics that use exclusive tools to do the hair transplant, such as a scalpel sapphire. This is an example of a tool the surgeon uses to extract the skin grafts that is sharper than conventional scalpels, meaning the incisions are smaller and there is less bleeding, scarring and healing time is reduced.

Another example of advances in hair transplant methods in Turkey is the Ice or Frozen Method which is being used at IdealofMeD. Traditionally, when the hair grafts are extracted, they are preserved in a solution until it is time to insert them into the transplant area. 

The ICE hair transplant method means that they are placed into transplant containers that contain a solution with the correct PH level and added vitamins and antioxidants. The lowered temperature is maintained until they are transplanted back into the scalp. It has been proven to increase the life expectancy of the hair follicle as well as quicker healing and a higher transplant success rate.

What Types of Hair Transplants Do Turkey Offer?

Talking about hair transplants is not only restricted to the hair on your scalp! No matter where you are losing your hair, Turkey Hair Transplant has the solution. Clinics can offer eyebrow transplants, beard transplants and even chest hair.

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